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Fund for the Lutheran Youth in Alsóság

Fund for the Lutheran Youth in Alsóság

Our fund was established by Jenő Esztergályos, managing director of the Apáczai Publishing House, in 2000. He celebrated the 50. anniversary of his Confirmation, in that year. Some others of his group joined his offering, so during the past years the sum of the fund dubbled. According to the Foundation Document a young person may be rewarded if he or she remains faithful to the congregation through the Confirmation promise, and helps to revive the community life with his/her service - especially in the circle of the youth. By the decision of the Advisory Board, the interest of the Fund was delivered over at Pentecost, 2004, for the first time. Now, it is possible to declare over the 1 % of 2004 year's tax in favour of our Fund.
Our number is: 18892877-1-18 Thanks for your support! Bank-account is at Répcelak és Vidéke Takarékszövetkezet, Celldömölk II. Account-number: 72600270-10000582 Our fund is of public utility, therefore after donations we send a certificate for tax credit entry.

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