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Association of Women in Alsóság

Association of Women in Alsóság

The Association of Women in Alsóság was established in 1905, and it became the pulse of the congregation. Its members bought a Baptising Basin into the church, just in the next year. Also they donated the Eucharist-dishes. They embroidered the Altar-clothes, the organised meetings, they upheld the needy. They set up a memorial board for the 42 Alsóságian victims of the I. World War. Also after the destruction of the II. World War they actively took part in the reconstruction. Unfortunately - likely to all the other associations - in the 50's years, this community has been forced to be broken up. But the traces of its activity couldn't have been lost before eyes, even nowadays. Therefore, through the proposal of the Presbyterium the Association of Women in Alsóság has been newly established, which framed its Operative Regulations, designed its logo, and formulated its motto that says: "We bring the light of Jesus to the world".
On the regular meetings, beyond the spiritual strengthening, the Association gets ready for the actual events of the church, carefully prepares the agapes, the receptions related to church celebrations. They organise programs at the beginning and at the end of the scool-year, for children who take part in the religious education, they play important role in ensuring backround for programs of the Deanery. It keeps contacts with several congragations and other associations of women of different churches.

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